As a one-man band reporter, I completed one of these stories in one shift a week. I pitched story ideas, conducted interviews, shot video, wrote webstory then scripts, edited and fronted each of these stories for KOMU 8 News at 9 and 10 p.m.

MU group marches in support of Michael Brown- Webstory

First-Grader helps bring Christmas to children- Webstory

Governor's office concerned with budget amendment passing- Webstory

Fulton will see improvements to its sewer system- Webstory

People urge Columbia to install more lights in East Campus- Webstory

Columbia plans to hire new coordinator for East Campus parking- Webstory

Brittany Rendak

From the moment my parents moved me to Chicago from my birthplace in San Francisco, I was determined to go back to California. I'm a Chicago girl living the dream in Los Angeles working in the entertainment/music industry. I'm a journalist, social media guru, hopeless romantic, ambitious, traveler, fitness fanatic, extremely picky eater, virgo, and dreamer. I require 8 hours of sleep UNLESS I'm on vacation or suffering from fomo. I'm addicted to music, pop culture, fitness & known to break out in dance/song anytime :)

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