TARGET 8: Records show school cafeterias lack health inspections: Webstory

A Target 8 Investigation that I found after looking for any critical violations at school cafeterias. I found few violations but instead found schools were not getting inspected as often as they should be.

TARGET 8: Saloon closed, workers say they're owed money: Webstory

A Target 8 Investigation that I found on my own about a popular bar closing after a  new business owner was accused of not paying employees or previous owner. I used social media to find sources and dig deeper. We aired the investigation in just a week to be the first station to break the news.

Whiskey Wild Saloon to reopen as original owner returns: Webstory

A follow-up story to a Target 8 Investigation where a new business owner was accused of not paying employees or former owner. I sat down for an exclusive interview with the former owner as he decided to take back his business.

Mid-Missourians report counterfeit bills at garage sales Webstory

An investigation I found on a Facebook page where Columbia mothers warned each other about getting counterfeit money after having garage sales.

Environmentalist groups fight nuclear power plant licensing Webstory

I went looking for answers after a tip from one of my sources in an environmentalist group. I researched and found court documents dating back to discover the truth about Nuclear Power Plants and what the future could unveil. 

Brittany Rendak

From the moment my parents moved me to Chicago from my birthplace in San Francisco, I was determined to go back to California. I'm a Chicago girl living the dream in Los Angeles working in the entertainment/music industry. I'm a journalist, social media guru, hopeless romantic, ambitious, traveler, fitness fanatic, extremely picky eater, virgo, and dreamer. I require 8 hours of sleep UNLESS I'm on vacation or suffering from fomo. I'm addicted to music, pop culture, fitness & known to break out in dance/song anytime :)

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