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TARGET 8: Records show school cafeterias lack health inspections: Webstory

A Target 8 Investigation that I found after looking for any critical violations at school cafeterias. I found few violations but instead found schools were not getting inspected as often as they should be.

TARGET 8: Saloon closed, workers say they're owed money: Webstory

A Target 8 Investigation that I found on my own about a popular bar closing after a  new business owner was accused of not paying employees or previous owner. I used social media to find sources and dig deeper. We aired the investigation in just a week to be the first station to break the news.

Whiskey Wild Saloon to reopen as original owner returns: Webstory

A follow-up story to a Target 8 Investigation where a new business owner was accused of not paying employees or former owner. I sat down for an exclusive interview with the former owner as he decided to take back his business.

Mid-Missourians report counterfeit bills at garage sales Webstory

An investigation I found on a Facebook page where Columbia mothers warned each other about getting counterfeit money after having garage sales.

Environmentalist groups fight nuclear power plant licensing Webstory

I went looking for answers after a tip from one of my sources in an environmentalist group. I researched and found court documents dating back to discover the truth about Nuclear Power Plants and what the future could unveil. 

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