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How to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

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What are your goals and aspirations, and what are you doing to reach them? With the advent of a new year comes an abundance of opportunities, and there is no time like the present to begin laying a solid foundation for a fruitful year.

Here are some suggestions for ensuring 2019 is your best year yet!

Plenty to Smile About

You might be surprised to learn that neglecting oral hygiene can contribute negatively to your physical and mental health. For example, taking care of your teeth and gums can go hand-in-hand with a higher risk for depression, so tending to your dental health should be a cornerstone of your self-care plan. Some studies indicate that poor dental health seems to be connected to dementia, perhaps causing the loss of brain cells and memory loss. Oral health also appears to be linked with heart disease. So, if your gums are swollen, bleed easily, or your mouth tastes yucky, you might be experiencing warning signs of trouble. If you have put off seeing your dentist, make it a point to get back on track this year.

Pack Your Bags and Go

When is the last time you took a vacation? We often think of traveling as an extravagance, butas Forbes explains, traveling offers important health benefits, especially if you head someplace new. It reduces stress by breaking you out of your rut, increases happiness and life satisfaction, and provides the opportunity to reinvent yourself. People who travel appear to bolster their creativity, are better at thinking outside the box, and have superior coping methods when troubles come their way. If your travel budget is tight, look for clever hacks to stretch your money, such as booking last minute trips to wherever fits your budget, taking red-eye flights, or swapping residences through the sharing economy. Once you reach your destination and settle in, look for free and cheap entertainment, like walking tours, driving tours, or free days at museums. With a little ingenuity, you can get away from it all and come back home revitalized!

Let’s Do Lunch

Once we reach adulthood, oftentimes our friendships can fall by the wayside. We get busy with work obligations, family matters, and just doing other things, but maintaining a social life is a key to health and happiness. People who remain connected with friends and family members tend to enjoy longer lives, have fewer health issues, and maintain a more satisfied and positive outlook on life. Make it a point to get together with your old friends this year, and consider making some new ones. You can engage with people with similar interests through apps and websites, take a class, or jump into a new hobby. The important thing is to stay connected and nurture your relationships, which will, in turn, nurture your well-being.

Work on Your Workout

Are you currently involved in an exercise routine? With the turn of the year, it’s the perfect time to examine your fitness goals. As Health24 points out, physical activity is crucial to health and wellness. Through exercise, you can help your heart stay healthy, lower stress levels, encourage better brain health, raise sleep quality, and maintain a healthy weight. If you’re new to exercise or haven’t been physically active in a long time, talk with your doctor first. There are some great low-impact options for getting in shape, such as walking, swimming, or yoga. If you’re a seasoned veteran, consider switching things up for this year. Take a class in kickboxing, do some rock climbing, or add cycling to your repertoire. Variety can keep you from getting bored and also help you work muscle groups you might not otherwise be working.

Make today your starting point for meeting your goals this year. Take care of yourself, go to some new places, meet new people, and visit with old friends. The new year promises to be amazing with just a few simple resolutions!

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