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13 Items You Need To Pack for Your Next Music Festival

Festival season is almost here! California is the place to be for some of the biggest festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach. It's crazy to think I haven't been to Coachella since 2018. My boyfriend and I were planning to go to our first one together in 2020...but then the pandemic happened.

Well, now I am so excited to be getting ready for my third Coachella! It is my favorite music festival of the season...I know I'm SO basic, right? My friends and I planned to go over a year ago and can't believe the day is already a week away. Packing for a festival can be so stressful, especially if it's your first one. Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Read my top 13 Items You Need To Pack for Your Next Music Festival!

1. A Hydration Backpack, purse, tote or fanny pack

This is an absolute must! You are going to be gone all day long and need somewhere to store all your items like your ID, money, phone, etc. In addition, Coachella is going to be HOT. I highly recommend bringing a backpack that has a connected water pouch. I'm bringing two backpacks that each have their own water supply built in. I get my hydration backpacks from Vibedration and Sojourner. Coachella and a lot of other music festivals have free water stations all around that you can fill up. Be sure to check your music festival's policy about what you can bring. Here are Coachella's guidelines.

2. Portable Charger

I don't know about you...but I'm always taking videos/pictures ALL day long at music festivals. I need some of myself and friends. Then, I always drain a lot of my battery taping the music! I'm a huge music lover, so I take a lot of videos to watch later. Also, you might lose your friends if there is no service and you'll need your phone charged to contact them. Here's the portable charger I have! It's only $20 and pink of course.

3. Sunscreen

So necessary! Please do your skin a favor and don't forget to pack sunscreen. You have to stay safe when you will be spending long days in the sun. Shop my favorite sunscreens from Glow Recipe, Tula and Elta MD below.

4. Chapstick, Lip gloss, Lipstick

Liquid IV is my go to when I need extra hydration! It is perfect if you will be consuming alcohol out in the sun all day. The Hydration Multiplier not only tastes good, but it is a non-GMO electrolyte drink mix powered by Cellural Transport Technology to hydrate you faster than water alone. 1 stick contains 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks with 5 essential vitamins.

You can use my code BRITTANYRENDAK to save 15% here. Liquid IV has a limited edition Cotton Candy flavor just for festival season!

6. Sunglasses

Ok, now let's get into some essentials you need for your wardrobe. Sunglasses are key to protect your eyes from the sun all day and they are going to elevate your festival look! I've rounded up some of my favorite trendy festival glasses below.

7. Hair scrunchies, clips and claws

Don't forget to bring a hair scrunchie, hair claw or hair clips to use in your hair while you are out in the heat all day. After you take pictures, I always want to get my hair up and stay cool!

Gimme Beauty has the BEST scrunchies that hold and protect your hair. Code BRITTANYRENDAK25 to save 25% on anything on the site! My favorites are listed below.


8. Comfortable Shoes

It is important to wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Especially in Coachella, there is dust and mud everywhere. I like wearing white or gold sneakers, so I can dance and still be stylist. I wouldn't recommend anything with a heel/wedge since you will be on your feet all day!

9. Glamnetic Eyelashes

If you want some extra length in your eyelashes then you need to purchase Glamnetic eyelashes. Mine last ALL day long and look so cute. There are so many different lengths/styles. They also have press on nails that I will be wearing as well! Be sure to use my code: BRITTANY to save money!

10. Hand Sanitizer

Even before COVID you should be thinking about bringing hand sanitizer. You will be with a lot of people and germs can easily spread

11. Ear plugs

12. Hats / Bandanas


Lastly, don't forget to come ready with a smile! Music festivals are SOO much fun as long as you remember to pack all your essentials.



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