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2 Days in NYC: What to Do

Planning a trip to New York City for just a weekend can be really difficult! We would have loved to have a few more days, but our work schedules wouldn't allow more than a weekend. My boyfriend and I attended a wedding in New Jersey last week and decided to spend the remainder of the weekend in New York. My boyfriend had NEVER been to the city that never sleeps and I won't ever pass up a trip to NYC.

It is impossible to see everything in New York in just a weekend, but I will share everything that we did in our trip! We saw many iconic spots, ate some AMAZING food and stayed at a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous view in lower Manhattan.

Let's do it!


We knew one thing we wanted in our first hotel together in New York and that was a view of the city. After doing some research and talking to friends about the best location to be in we chose Hotel Indigo LES. We were beyond happy with our pick! I mean waking up to that city view we had was enough to keep us happy, but the hotel offered so much more. The room was sleek, chic, and modern for us millennial couple. Our room overlooked the famous Mr. Purple rooftop, which we really enjoyed. Saturday night, we took the elevator down and enjoyed cocktails on the rooftop and met some real interesting people. The crowd was a lot of younger folks around our age. The Hotel Indigo was walking distance to so many attractions that we wanted to see, so it worked out really well for us. Not to mention very comfortable beds and a room that was decently big...especially for New York City!


The Empire State Building

The 911 Memorial and Museum Tour: get tickets here. If you do the tour...try to find someone who works there and listen to them speak. They have so much knowledge to share and interesting stories that you can't find anywhere else in the museum.

Grand Central Station: if you are also a Gossip Girl fan...this is a must.

The Met Steps: another gossip girl must :)

Shopping in Soho

Statue of Liberty: we didn't have time this trip, but I've been before. If you don't have four hours to spare on the ferry ride, you should go see it from Battery Park.



Bel Fries: some of the best fries I’ve ever had…with so many sauce toppings of your choice!

Jack's Wife Freda


Beauty & Essex

Il Buco

A Pasta Bar

RH Rooftop

ABC Kitchen

The Polo Bar

The Plaza Hotel

Levain Bakery (also the taco place next store is SO good)

Little Italy Pizza

Eataly Flat Iron

Nomo Kitchen

Cuts and Slice NYC

Souvlaki GR

Worlds Best Dough

Sam’s Fried Ice Cream


Joe’s Rotisseria

Chocolate Dip (Crepes)

I-Sodi (cacio el pepe lasagna)

Caffe Reggio - Breakfast/Lunch

Minetta Tavern - Lunch/Dinner

The Happiest Hour - Bar/Burgers


Every other time I've been to NYC, I was lucky to be with a local who knew how to work the Subway. My boyfriend and I struggled to find the right trains. We had some nice locals help us out, but we soon realized we were wasting time taking the Subway. We ended up spending more money Ubering, but we had more places we wanted to see in our short time here.


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