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How To Stop Looking Tired Every Morning With #TotalActivation

"Why do you look so tired?" Is anyone else sick of hearing this from co-workers, family, or friends, non-stop? I get the recommended eight hours of sleep and wake up feeling (mostly) refreshed to start my day, but I still seem to have these dark circles under my eyes. (Thank you allergy and sinus problems) UGH! Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Unfortunately, even if you get adequate sleep you may still look tired. So what now? I realized using concealer just gave me a temporary solution to hide my bags, but they never actually went completely away. So when I found out about Total Activation, it was a no-brainer to chose the Miracle Eye Gel! Total Activation is a family owned company that uses all natural and organic ingredients to make their fabulous skin care line.

The first thing I noticed was how amazing the gel felt on my skin! It contains more than 10 natural, botanical skin firming activators all fighting wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles under my eyes. Circulation is the key to eliminating dark circles! The eye gel formulation cools, soothes, and improves circulation. I apply the product every morning and under my eyes before I do any make-up. My skin not only feels great after just one week, it also is noticeably firmer.

In addition to the gel, here are five other easy things I do to prevent dark bags under my eyes: 1. Bronzer and Concealer 2. Wearing mascara only on the top eye lashes to prevent extra black under eyes 3. Using a cold compress on your face such as a frozen bag of vegetables or a cold washcloth 4. Staying hydrated and drinking more water! 5. Consuming salt in moderation I can’t wait to continue to wake up with bright eyes and keep my skin from aging! Click here to grab your miracle eye gel today! Bye Bye Bags! Eye love my gel! :)

Do you have another favorite skin product you use? Tell me more in the comments!

Thanks to Total Activation for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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