Dive Into a Pool of Sprinkles at The Museum Of Ice Cream Los Angeles: Here's How

Okay, so you can’t literally dive into the sprinkles pool…but you can get some sweet (see what I did there) pictures lying in all the rainbow sprinkles. I'm sure you've seen some of these amazing pictures blowing up your social media, especially by all the celebrities who've also visited.The Ice Cream Museum Downtown Los Angeles pop-up is heaven for taking all those Instagram worthy pictures. They literally made this museum with social media in mind, because every room has colorful backdrops and displays to take the perfect Instagram worthy picture.

The best part? You get a new "treat" each time you enter a new room.

So, if you missed your chance to get your ticket before they sold out or you don't live in L.A. just follow my trip below so you don't have to completely miss out on all the ice cream fun!

You start your journey following an ice cream trail that leads you to the museum entrance. When you hear the music blasting, you know you are getting close!

Then you enter your first room (all pink of course) filled with old pink pay phones.

The next stop is the California room where they serve ice cream from famous California places. They switch out the flavors and creamers every week. I got lucky and went the day of my favorite chocolate chip cookie dough from Coolhaus.

After that BANANAS!!!!

Yellow and pink bananas everywhere!

Next is the mint room. You are told to smell the soil and guess what it smells like. Chocolate! the room is made like a greenhouse, where mint plants grow in chocolate soil for chocolate mint. You are served mint mochi ice cream. I am not a huge fan of mint flavor, but this was pretty tasty.

The next room has giant popsicles everywhere....

And if you love gummy bears...this might be your favorite spot. You get to eat gummy bears while taking pictures next to giant gummy bear statues. What more can you ask for?

The following room has the only white wall in the whole place. You can enjoy the artsy display of black ice cream cones as you wait your turn to go swimming in the sprinkles.

Finally, you finish off the adventure with your turn to jump into the sprinkles pool. Watch out! You only get a very limited amount of time...so have your picture ideas ready.

Photo: Haute Living

WARNING: You will find sprinkles in places you never expected days after you go...

The Museum of Ice Cream was scheduled to close May 29. However, the opening was so successful that it's been extended to October and has sold out again!

Looking for more things to do? Check out my LA Lifestyle section for fun things to do around Los Angeles.

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