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The 8 Best Outdoor Spots With Free Wifi In Los Angeles

A few Sundays ago, my friends and I had a girls day spent relaxing on the beach with some rosé (of course). We were occupied watching the surfers, when I looked to my left and noticed a man using his laptop. Was this the norm in LA? Do people really come to the beach to do work and get some sun? What a smart idea! I don't know why I hadn't thought of this sooner.

Venice Beach Rosé

My first reaction was:

Do we even get Wifi around here?????

So, I decided to do some research and find some popular outdoor spots around LA where you can get some work done in the sun with free WIFI!

Who doesn't love free wifi?

The “Oh, Ranger!” project brought wifi access to park spaces in 2014. Check out these eight spots to post up with your laptop around Los Angeles.

1. Venice Beach: Besides hitting the waves on a surf board, you can also do some surfing on the web! The Wifi signal extends parallel to Ocean Front Walk, from Westminister Avenue to 20th Place.

Venice Beach Sign

2. Cabrillo Beach: If Venice is not your scene, you can head to another sandy beach on the harbor side of the jetty. The water is calmer here, but it still gets pretty busy!

Cabrillo Beach

Photo via:

3. Echo Park Lake: I can't think of a better place to get some work done than this beautiful historic destination. You can head almost anywhere around this gorgeous lake to be productive on the internet or maybe just to relax. If you need a break from your work there are plenty of other things to do around this small island.

Echo Park Lake

4. Santa Monica Pier: There are benches around the Pier and step benches at the west end. Find a good spot to people watch and you're all set! The wifi might be a bit spotty, so you can also check out these other places in Santa Monica to get connected.

Santa Monica Pier

5. Griffith Observatory: Wifi coverage on a hiking trail? What? The signal covers from Observatory down East Observatory Road to just past the parking lot. So, if you are hiking and you have an will be covered!

Griffith Observatory

6. Hollywood Bowl: Go see a concert and be able to share your videos or work here in the public park areas when a show is not in session.

Hollywood Bowl


7. Pershing Square: Located in the heart of Downtown, Pershing Square hosts a variety of events including concerts, films, parties, and television shows. This is the perfect stop on your lunch break or when your out and about Downtown, LA. You can grab food then take a seat in any of the park's green spaces.

Pershing Square Downtown Los Angeles

Photo: LA Curbed

8. Reseda Park: Make your way to the south valley and take a seat in an area of picnic tables to get some work finished.

Reseda Park

Photo: Maggie Mbroh/Flickr/Creative Commons

To see a detailed map of exactly where the Wifi covers these spots click here

Where are your other favorite spots to get work done outside of your home? Tell me in the comments below! :)

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