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11 Truths I've Learned One Year After Moving to Los Angeles By Myself

Wow! I don’t even know where to start. One year in my dream city and what have I learned and accomplished thus far?!

Exactly one year ago today, I boarded a plane with my first one-way ticket to LA from Chicago with many mixed emotions. This was the day I had dreamed about for years! California was always calling my name and to be honest I wasn't sad or scared (yet).

I love everything about living in Los Angeles, but my move and life here isn’t all glitz and glam. I’ve overcome some huge hurdles along the way, which only continue to make me stronger. Like they say, life begins when you leave your comfort zone. The lessons I’ve learned have challenged me and never defeated me. They have only pushed me to growing in ways I didn’t even realize were possible.

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So take it from me. Here are my 11 truths about moving to Los Angeles by yourself. Use it as your guide if you decide to move somewhere new in your younger 20’s! (I highly recommended)

1. You get to know yourself better.

2. You are alone but not lonely. You become independent. Just because you're "alone" in a big city doesn't automatically mean you're lonely. You make time for yourself, you make new friends, and you learn how to get past hurdles without your mom by your side. You really grow up.

3. You realize making friends is so much harder than it was in college, but you find out it’s definitely not impossible. I came here only knowing a few people from college and my roommate. I was going out to meet new people all the time, when I eventually found my core group of girls. I have a group of four amazing ladies here and we are all transplants to L.A.

4. You will be [almost] broke. Everyone in LA is either trying to "make it" or already made it. Most of the people you find your age are struggling to go for their dreams and keep up with all their expensive bills. You find other ways to pay your bills and you make it work.

5. You network more than you have in your entire life. This is LA. It's always all about who you know, especially here. You can bet I network with anyone and whomever I cross paths with. You learn how to network the right way and it will pay off in more ways than one. I know exactly what I do now, what I want to do in the future, and how to go about talking with people who will help me succeed.

6. You keep in contact with your friends and family. You don't just keep in contact with them because "you have to," you do it because you truly miss them being so far away.

7. You always can find something fun to do every single day of the week. You meet so many interesting people and get invited to events at anytime. It’s hard to say no when you know you can't go. FOMO

8. You realize the weather really is that amazing and the traffic is really that awful. Enough said.

9. You will have visitors...a lot of them.

10. You will date all kinds of guys. You may fall in love. You may get your heart broken. Dating in California is different to say the least.

11. You will tell everyone how the West Coast is the best coast…and of course no one can argue against that.

But most of made it! You followed through with going for your dream, even when most people doubted you. You are living the life you wanted and you took all the steps to make it. You are doing something that most people will NEVER have the guts to do, so be proud!

Welcome to your new home :)

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