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My Love Letter To LA: 9 Reasons Why I Love (Sometimes Hate) The City Of Angels

Los Angeles City

Ah The City of Angels! The best city in the world! (okay, I may be just a little bit biased) I love living in LA for many reasons, but mostly for the endless opportunities you have right at your door and the weather. Of course, sometimes I admit having a love/hate relationship with this city, but overall I LOVE it more and more everyday I'm here. Which is why I want to share my top 9 reasons why I love LA.

Palm trees:. Having grown up without gorgeous palm tree outside my window every morning, I really never take advantage of seeing one around LA. My favorite ones are lined on the streets of Beverly Hills neighborhoods.

Palm trees Beverly Hills

Beaches and weather: I love being in a place where I can walk to the beach to swim, surf, or boat. Los Angeles beaches are my happy place and my escape when I need to destress. I can't imagine ever living anywhere else without a beach or warm weather all the time. I honestly don't even miss having actual seasons, I prefer summer year round. Unfortunately, not every part of the city is close to the beach. I choose to pay a little extra to be on the water!

Venice Beach Lifeguard Chair

The secret stairs: I don't know about you, but the stair master is one of my favorite workouts! In LA they have stairs outside that people use for exercise and killer city views. They are my favorite outdoor workouts, besides the beach of course.

Blaming traffic: Of course I hate the traffic, but it is a good excuse for why you are late! In LA traffic it could take over double the time to get to somewhere else in the city, it's insane. I live on the west side and do admit cancelling plans when a friend or event is on the east side, because it's too far.

LA traffic

Photo via LA Curbed

Healthy lifestyle: LA is all about finding that next new health trend. There are several workout studios and healthy food choices every corner you turn. When I first moved here, my friend and I accidentally went to a vegan place and ended up leaving after we saw the menu. Although I am against dating any vegan (been there done that), we do have tons of vegetarian/vegan places for them.

Driving PCH: Cure to Sunday Scarries = taking a drive down PCH during sunset.

PCH sunset

The people: There is a plethora of people here pursuing their dreams. I love going out and meeting someone new with the same ambition that I have. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by so many dreamers like myself! The community keeps each other motivated and everyone wants to get to know you and your story,

Venice Beach Boardwalk

Working: I've always wanted to get a job in the entertainment industry and now I have one. LA has so many opportunities to get your foot in the door entertainment wise. I can't wait to see where I go next. The few downsides are that this industry is very competitive, the pay is not good starting out, and LA is a very expensive place to live.

Nightlife and events: There is ALWAYS something to do here. I try to go to one net working event during the weekdays and then explore the nightlife on the weekend. You can meet so many people and get the opportunities for so many events you can't find anywhere else. On the contrary, it is hard to find time to do everything I want to do when I also have to work for a living.

So despite some downsides (what city doesn't have a few negatives?) to this amazing city, I still wouldn't change a thing about my decision to live here. The few negatives outweigh ALL of the good I have found in LA. Now that I’ve shared my favorite things about Los Angeles, I want to hear about what you love about living in your city or anything from LA I missed!

Hermosa Beach Pier Sunset

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