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5 Tips and Tricks to Let Your Personality Shine Online

The things that we love tell us what we are. – Thomas Aquinas

my personality as a blogger

People tend to read and trust blogs that have an obvious personality to them. People like real stories from real people, because we are all human and want to relate. By showing off your personality, your audience will be able to trust and relate to you more when they feel like they "know" the person behind the computer!

Being different is your number one way to separate yourself from your competition. To gain a loyal following and audience you need to maintain a unique personality that your followers like and trust.

SOO...Let's learn how to let your personality shine through your in your writing by using my five tips and tricks!

1. Tell a unique story

Stories sell! I don't know about you, but I love what I choose to write about. I share bits and pieces from stories in my life in almost every blog and Instagram post I make. It's easy, because I typically write about something that has to do with me anyways! Your audience wants to know that you love what you do, so you must relate your topics to your everyday life. Think about how something about you can fit into your content and add it in. This is especially vital in sponsored posts. You need to show your readers how you use or incorporate the product in your life or they are never going to think it can benefit them too.

2. Ask questions

Most of us know how important engagement is online. You need to captivate your audience to keep them reading and then coming back for more. I typically end my blog or Instagram caption with a caption for readers to respond to. This conversational strategy is a simple way to connect and converse with your audience to spark conversations. It also allows your readers to have a voice on your profile and make them realize that their opinion is wanted.

3. Write how you talk

When you go to craft a blog or a caption, think about how you would say the information to your friend and then write. You want to be conversational. I learned it was crucial to be conversational when I was a news reporter and the same applies to blogging. People relate to real people, it's that simple! A trick I use is to imagine I am writing or talking to just one friend. How would I tell this story to them? How can I express my emotions on my face into my writing to get people hooked??

4. Get personal and incorporate emotions

You must connect with your followers on a personal level and create a sense of trust. My most viewed and commented blog post is my personal journey to LA. I shared my exact story on how I moved with nothing to Los Angeles and got pretty personal with my emotions. To this day, I get tons of questions on how I did it and thank you's for sharing my experience. I love being able to help others live their dream and go for what they want. I am able to do this by sharing my feelings and how I overcame them, so others who are in a similar situation can do the same.

5. Be entertaining and STAND OUT

Who are you? There are so many bloggers out there these days, so you need to develop your specific niche and voice to stand out of the crowd. What makes your blog special? What do you bring to the table that no other blogger is doing? I share valuable information in a fun way, while also giving insight to my personal life. I am a storyteller who dances and sings at any moment, which I think makes me stand out. I will frequently post me doing these things in my everyday life. I am not afraid to completely be myself on my blog and social media.

Now get out there and show everyone your sparkling personality! I promise you will be a step ahead of the rest. What are your favorite ways to show your personality?? Tell me below in the comments!

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