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7 Perfect Weekend Getaways from Los Angeles To Take Now

If you thought living in Los Angeles or Southern California couldn't get any does. I don't know about you, but I'm from Chicago and you can't really just get up and drive anywhere else cool close by. Well, down in So Cal there are sooo many choices and places you can literally jump in your car and drive to if you need a break from LA.

Now are you are ready to take a break from the LA traffic and visit another beautiful spot only a few hours away? Let's go! I'm sharing my top seven favorite weekend getaways to take from Los Angeles. Located anywhere from 1 to 4 hours from L.A., these places are close to home but far enough away to get away.

San Diego

la jolla

As one of my favorite getaways from LA, it offers beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, mountains, huge neighborhoods and amazing restaurants. It basically has everything LA has, but without the traffic and better beaches! The only bad thing is the drive can be miserable if you are caught in traffic and can take double the normal time.

Catalina Island

catalina island

It only takes an hour-long boat ride to get to Catalina Island as it's located off the coast of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Orange County

newport beach boat

The beach towns in Orange County are perfectly situated between Los Angeles and San Diego, making the area an ideal spot for a weekend getaway. What better place to sail on a boat than Newport beach!

Big Bear

big bear winter

If you are missing the snow, then head to Big Bear in the winter! Only a two-hour drive from LA and you'll be hitting the slopes. In the winter, you can ski and snowboard on the slopes, snowshoe and cross-country ski on the trails, sled down the snow-covered hills, and go snow tubing. The rest of the year you will find a beautiful lake surrounded by the greenery of the San Bernardino National Forest. There is something to do here all year long.

Santa Barbra

If you are ready for some amazing wine tasting with beautiful scenery...then head to Santa Barbra.

Palm Springs

Time for the desert! Known for the famous Coachella festival and the "Hamptons" of famous LA residents. Palm Springs is also a very relaxing and romantic getaway to take when the festival isn't in season. And yes it is in the desert so it is WAY hotter than LA....which means you can just relax by the pool all day!

Las Vegas

Only a four hour drive (if traffic isn't bad) and you can be living large in Vegas!

Enjoy and go get rejuvenated from all the hustle and bustle in LA...I promise, it will be worth it!

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