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7 Steps To Creating a Slaying Instagram Bio

First impressions are everything in life and Instagram is no exception. We see some Instagram bios that immediately pop into our eyes, while some you probably click right past. Writing that a compelling bio makes all the difference. Your picture and bio are the first things people are going to see when they see your page. .You only have 150 characters to prove to someone who has just clicked on your page why they should follow and engage with YOU. So, how do you do it?

Instagram Bio

It may take a few times to craft your perfect bio like mine did, but once you nail the bio it will pay off in the long run. Here are my 7 steps to spruce up your Instagram bio and gain loyal engaged followers.


Use a consistent handle across all your social networks so it makes it easy for people to find you. I use my full name on all my accounts, but you can also use your blog name if it differs. In the name line of your bio, use keywords for what you think people will be searching for. For me, I would use “LA Lifestyle Blogger.” Including these niche keywords will help you appear on more searches.

SHOW WHAT YOU DO What’s YOUR story? Be clear and concise on what you do and who you want to help. Someone should go to your profile and be able to know exactly what you do just from your bio.


After you write about what you do, let your personality shine and tell them something that makes YOU special. BE RELATABLE. People want to connect with REAL people and this is your opportunity for your audience to connect with you in another way. I used the line “probably on the dance floor or singing in traffic,” to show my humor. If you ask anyone that knows me, I’m always breaking out in song or dance and LA has terrible traffic so it fits.


ALWAYS make sure you are on the business profile and put where you are located. This is so important! It’s a great way for your ideal customers to find you. It is also crucial to have an email or phone number for someone to contact you easily.


What is the first thing you want people to do after they visit your profile? Do you want them to buy a product? Read your blog post? Shop your styles? Tell them!

WEBSITE AND LINKS Be sure to include the link to your website, store, or product in the link section of your bio. I also use the section to showcase my latest blog post or something I'm recently promoting to give my audience easy access.


These days, everyone is posting Instagram stories to engage and communicate with their audience. Instagram highlights are a fantastic way to showcase your stories in a creative way. I custom designed mine myself on Canva. Your profile will look so much more professional if you add these, so make sure you do!

In addition, make sure you use emojis and line breaks to create an eye-catching look. Let’s also not forget about your profile image. You must have a high quality and creative picture that makes you stand out the best! This is the first thing people will look at. The main image draws the attention and the text convinces a new user to follow. Are you

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