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A Complete Guide to Visiting The Museum of Illusions in Los Angeles

Over the weekend, I got to experience the latest and hottest pop-up exhibit to hit Los Angeles! I visited The Museum of Illusions in Hollywood. The exhibit is now here to stay permanently so you better grab your camera and get ready to get some killer content for the gram!

The Museum of Illusions

The whole two-story museum in Hollywood is basically a playground with interactive illusions for the perfect photoshoot.

There were over 30 works of art throughout the museum for everyone and all ages to enjoy. At each stop, you will find an arrow that directs you were to stand to take the picture to get the best angle. It was also helpful to see sample photos next to each exhibit to give you examples of how you can pose.

The best and newest addition to The Museum of Illusion is the Upside down house at the end. It’s so easy to miss I almost walked out without even seeing it. The Upside down house debuted in June and features seven rooms with pieces of furniture hanging from the ceiling.

My favorite room was the one with the pink bicycle. You lean backwards, pose, and then rotate your picture on your camera roll to see the full effect.

So if you are ready to start racking up your Instagram likes….grab a ticket and head to Hollywood to visit The Museum of Illusions.

The Museum of Illusions is open daily from 10 am - 12 am. You can get your tickets here.

Museum of Illusions

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