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5 Things I Learned From My First Stay at a Moxy Hotel in San Diego Designed for Millennials

Over the past weekend, I took a long weekend getaway to visit sunny San Diego and take a break of the hustle and bustle LA offers. Weekend trips in living in SoCal are always the best and San Diego is one of my favorites, as all the locals are so laid back and fun.

This trip was special, because it was my first time staying in the Downtown/Gaslamp area of San Diego and also my first stay at a Moxy Hotel. I was looking to find a trendy, yet affordable hotel that was also in a great location...and I hit the jackpot! I literally typed in "Millennial Hotel in San Diego" and the first hotel that came up was The Moxy. After reading about it and of course exploring some other options, I ended up going with The Moxy in San Diego. I am so happy I did!

Welcome 2 Moxy

Here are my 5 things I learned from my first stay at Moxy, Marriott's New Hotel Brand. All I can say is I cannot wait for my next trip back and to explore other Moxy's in other locations.

1. Nothing beats the lobby and the vibrant atmosphere

The first thing I noticed right when I walked in the Moxy Hotel in San Diego was the trendy music playing that you could hear from the street and that everything was pink! My two favorite things! Next, I noticed a lit up sign reading " If You Love Me Let Me Know," that I of course had to take a picture by. It is the perfect Instagramable spot for all the millennials to post on their gram. The interesting thing is there is no "check-in" counter, you actually check-in at the bar and get free drink coupons. My favorite part of the lobby has to be the board games. My boyfriend and I came home one night and couldn't stop playing "Guess Who" and "Battleship." He beat me most of the

2. The rooms are small, but trendy with everything you need

My first impression was that the room was small, but modern. Moxy offers affordable spunky rooms with a smart design/layout. In the room, you will find outlets, TV, foldable table, a chair, huge shower, vanity, and toilet...but there is no closet! They have pegs across the wall to hang your clothes and it actually worked out perfectly fine. They also have an option to have a mini fridge delivered in your room if you would like. Have you ever stayed at a hotel and it requires so many passwords to login and when you finally do it's spotty or doesn't work? Well, at the Moxy the Wi-Fi was extremely speedy and easy my entire stay. The beds were super comfortable (although they only have queen sizes) and I loved the amenities.

3. The location is in the heartbeat of the city

This was my first time staying in Downtown/Gaslamp area of San Diego and I will definitely be returning. We were walking distance to everything we wanted to do in that area.

Moxy Hotel San Diego

4. The staff will make sure you feel like you are at home

We grabbed a bite to eat, while we used our free drink coupons at the bar and enjoyed a lovely chat with the bartender. She gave us some ideas of things to see and took care of us like we were her good friends. Every time you came back in the staff greeted you and asked how you were doing. It truly felt like you were at home with friends you had known for quite some time. It made us feel very comfortable and made our stay so much more enjoyable.

Got Moxy

5. You have to visit Room 56...the Speakeasy

Accessed through the Moxy hotel's mezzanine library, enter through the bookcase to arrive at the mysterious speakeasy. To get inside, you first need to follow the clues on the website that will lead you to a "code name" to text to make a reservation. You will be greeted by the host, given a welcome shot, then led down a winding staircase to a dark and romantic room.

As I haven’t stayed at any Moxy Hotel before, I didn't know what to expect besides what I had read about. Moxy Hotel's are designed with Millennials in mind who want to travel but not spend too much on a luxury hotel and this hotel was the perfect fit!

Have you stayed at a Moxy Hotel before? Where do you normally stay in San Diego? Tell me in the comments below!

All opinions are my own. Sponsored posts enable me to create more quality content for you and I never endorse or support a company or product I don’t truly believe in.

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