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Staying Sane with Winc Wine Club During Quarantine

I’m all stocked up at home with all the Covid-19 essentials (VINO) to get me through this quarantine. Thank goodness for wine clubs!

Winc Wine Club

Affordable wine delivered right to your doorstep? The perfect subscription for any wine loving millennial, especially during the quarantine. My new Winc wine club couldn’t have came at a better time during this lockdown. Now I don’t even have to leave my apartment to drink all my wine!

What is it?

Winc is a Los Angeles-based wine club that is unique in recommending wines based upon your tastes and is also relatively affordable compared to other wine subscriptions. Winc produces, rather than purchases, the wines in its club. It appeals to millennial's with it's trendy packaging, easy to use website platform, and affordability.

How does it work?

-Palate Profile



winc wine palate profile

With the subscription, you will receive a box of wines that are personalized to your tastes. After completing the palate profile online, you are matched with four different wines that will best suite your palate. The palate profile includes 6 questions to assess your tastes. You can also mix and match to create your own specialized box. You can then rate your wine online to get better recommendations for the next month, as they become more accurate with time.

In addition, Winc provides helpful insight to each wine you have including:



-Alcohol Content


-How best to serve

-What it pairs-well with

-Wine description with the origin and interesting history

I personally enjoy several different types of wines, but definitely always have my favorite go to’s. I ended up choosing all the wines I was paired with and was highly satisfied. Some of the bottles from this millennial wine club were designed so cute, that I didn’t even want to open them!

Wine Club


The bottles start at just $13 a bottle with no membership fees. You can cancel anytime and/or skip a month. Winc also provides a 100 percent guarantee. If you don’t like wont of the wine, they’ll give you your money back or a new bottle to try.

As a new user with my code, you will get 4 bottles for $22 dollars off and $0 shipping. All you have to do is click the “Get Started” button on the site.

I’ll cheers to that!

All opinions are my own. Sponsored posts enable me to create more quality content for you and I never endorse or support a company or product I don’t truly believe in.

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