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6 Best Patio Restaurants To Eat At Today in Santa Monica

As you probably know, as of July 1, LA restaurants had to end indoor dining and many of LA's places started getting creative with new patio life. I've seen more restaurants convert to outdoor seating by opening new patios and extending their stores into the streets. See my top 6 favorite restaurants in Santa Monica to eat at today during Covid-19 pandemic.

One of my favorite places to go for Italian food and wine. It's BYOB and the food is affordable. I highly recommend getting any pasta dish with the pink can thank me later.

This local dive bar hot spot is located just steps from the beach in Santa Monica and next to the pier. This restaurant recently expanded, so there is plenty of outdoor seating during this pandemic. The food is super affordable, so just know you won't be getting high dining experience. The atmosphere, staff, and crowd makes this place the best!

1212 Santa Monica was already one of my favorite places to eat at during the weekend. The tempura shrimp are to die for! Now, they have expanded into the promenade streets during Covid-19 and even have speakers blasting music for anyone eating or walking by. I went by last weekend and it was a full dance party where the hostess was jamming while working.

BOA Steakhouse is located on the corner of Ocean and Santa Monica in a prime location across from the beach. They’ve got sidewalk seating for you to eat all the steak you want!

The Misfit is one of the most popular spots in the Third Street Promenade. In my opinion, the food isn't worth how expensive it is...but the vibe/atmosphere makes up for it. Definitely a must see if you haven't been. They even have Happy Hour until 6 pm daily!

BONUS: My boyfriend and I were waiting to get into our dinner reservations last weekend and we tried to stop in for a drink at any nearby place, but it seemed that no where allows you to just get drinks anymore. Every person in your party has to purchase a meal. SUCH A BUMMER. For our last resort, we tried at Barney's Beanery and the host let us go into the bar and they served us "to go" drinks in plastic cups. That definitely made our night lol!


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