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6 Moving Tips For a Smooth Move

Over the summer, I made a huge life change and moved in with my boyfriend! I was sooo excited and scared at the same time. So many emotions were running through my mind and stress about getting everything ready to physically make the move.

My boyfriend and I were practically living together during the pandemic, so why not make it official. I am a big believer in living with someone before getting married...sorry mom! We found this amazing apartment pretty quickly that had just been remomdeled and we just couldn't pass up. It had two HUGE closets, which is very rare in LA for a one bedroom. I was so happy to have a walk in closet all to myself. We all know I have sooo many clothes. The aprtment has beaitufl granite, a dishwasher (which I didn't have in my old apartment on the beach in Santa monica), walk in shower, and modern bathroom. It was love at first site.

See the photo below of when we first got there with all of our moving boxes!

This was going to be my fourth move since living in Los Angeles! I can't believe I've moved so many times. The first time I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, I had no knowledge about the different areas even after doing so much research. I ended up living in Downtown Los Angeles and working my first job in Beverly Hills. On maps it told me it would be 8 miles to get to and from work, which I thought was great. Little did I know, in LA time and with traffic I was looking at an hour each way! After my lease was up downtown, I moved to the west side and was closer to my new job.

I learned my lesson and only moved into apartments that were close to my work commute. After being here for five years now, I've figured out what areas of LA I like the best to live in. I personally love living on the west side!

Now that I'm an expert in moving...I wanna share my advice. If you are about to make a big move, I've rounded up my 7 moving tips you need to follow to have a successful move!

Make a Plan and Start Early

Don't wait until the last minute to pack up all of your stuff. I started slowly packing the month before I actually moved. I have a lot of stuff, so I knew it would take me awhile.

Clean Out Your Closet and Donate Old Clothes

Moving is the perfect time to do a big closet clean and get rid of clothes you don't wear. I donated so much of my old clothes and threw out the rest. No need to bring anything extra you won't use to your new space! Like I said before, I have so much clothes and always forget to get rid of it. I also think I might wear that one shirt I haven't touched in a year for something...but guess what you won't. I've been teaching myself it's ok to part ways with a clothing item and what better time to do it then when you are moving. Goodbye clutter! Hello new clothes ;)

Hire Movers / Moving Company

If you have a lot to move, you will probably want to hire movers to help. Movers are key for me, because there is no way I'm lifting everything myself. A lot of companies will even pack and unpack for you. Big Deahl's Movers is a reputable moving company in the California area. The movers will relieve so much stress off of the move itself, so you can relax a little. Rancho cucamonga pool table movers can handle any kind of move no matter the size!

Buy Moving Boxes

I ordered cardboard boxes online from U-Haul and picked them up a few days before my move. I used these boxes for everything else that didn't fit in suitcases or my other storage containers. They were fairly inexpensive and really easy to tape up.

Color Coded Rooms / Label Boxes

Use colored tape to help identify what boxes go in what room in your new place. Since I am moving into an apartment, I labeled my boxes so I knew what was in each one. This will also help your movers know where to put the boxes.

Take Care of Your Old Place

I was moving out of an apartment with two other roommates! I had to line up the timing right and help them find another girl to take my spot. This was super stressful on top of getting ready to go to my new place. After several interviews, we found the perfect person to take my spot. I'll miss my two roommates so much, but I am eager to get out on my own and close this chapter.

Where are you making the big move from? Any other tips on making a move smooth? Let me know in the comments!


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