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7 Cute Outfits To Wear If You Are Bigger Chested

Any lady with a bigger chest can understand the struggle of finding clothes that not only fit right, but also look cute. Maybe you have too much cleavage or you can't fasten all the buttons. The most annoying thing for me is when the bottom half fits, but the top doesn't. The struggle is real!

Lucky for you, I have been styling my body for many years as a size DD and have many style tips to share.

But it wasn't always this easy (it still isn't easy). When I was younger, having bigger boobs really bugged me. I tried hiding and compressing my chest for years, especially in professional settings. I was embarrassed that I felt I couldn't post a picture in a bikini like all my other friends were doing just because of my body. Don't get me wrong that didn't stop me. I still posted what I wanted when I wanted to, because this is how I was born and I wanted to embrace it.

It wasn't until a few years ago when the body positivity movement happened that I finally felt completely confident with my chest. I had always wanted to empower other women that had similar body types as me to dress how they feel best! So, I stopped being afraid and started posting about how to dress as a size 4 with a bigger bust. I'm so passionate about it and I know other woman feel the same as me.

With that said...let's get into my top 7 favorite outfits to wear if you are bigger chested.

Smocked Top

Scoop Necklines or V-Neck Tops

Knotted Top

Jumpsuits / Rompers

Tight Crop Tops

Matching Sets

Form Fitting Dresses / Dresses with Cinched Waist

To keep up with me on my latest fashion finds be sure to follow me on Liketoknow.IT and shop all my looks below.


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