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7 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Moving to LA

Ready to make the big move to LA? I've got you covered. The entertainment capital of the world has so much to offer! Not to mention the gorgeous sunny weather year round, endless things do to, and dreams to pursue.

If you've decided to move here, congratulations! I hope you LOVE it as much as I do.

Moving to a new city can be scary and expensive. I researched and read countless of blogs to try to be prepared before moving to LA. I want to help make your transition to Los Angeles as smooth as it can be. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

From personally moving across the country (Chicago to Los Angeles) there are many things that you should learn. Here are the most important things you need to know BEFORE moving to LA.

1. It is not a myth...expect A LOT of traffic

Coming from Chicago, I thought I had seen what bad traffic already was...boy was I wrong! My first job in LA was in Beverly Hills and I lived in Downtown, LA. That was a rookie mistake! I saw it as 7-8 miles on the map and I figured that was perfect. Not in LA! In rush hour traffic it took me a solid hour both ways. I quickly moved out of Downtown as soon as my lease was up. Bonus tip: live close to where you will work!

2. There is a high cost of living

I'm sure you've heard it before that California and the city of Los Angeles are not cheap places to live. I suggest saving a lot of money before you make the move. The prices of apartments and houses are crazy. I had to have 1-2 roommates the first four years living here, because a place on my own would be WAY out of my budget.

3. Get To Know the Neighborhoods

LA is huge, so take time to get to know the different neighborhoods and find out where you would fit in best. There are SO many neighborhoods and each one has their own vibe/personality. I decided to live in Santa Monica, because I love the west side vibe, being close to the beach, and close to work. I recommend staying with a friend or getting a short term rental for a few weeks before signing a lease. This gives you time to explore the different neighborhoods, see the apartment in person, and meet with potential roommates. When I first moved to LA, I lived in an Airbnb for about two weeks, while I was touring different apartments. This also will prevent you from getting scammed! Always see the apartment in person before you sign a lease.

4. Get a Job and Network

I highly recommend getting a job before moving. If this isn't possible, then line up side work and gigs before you arrive. There are so many random gigs in LA that you can pursue. Check Facebook groups, entertainment sites and Craigslist for these opportunities. Start networking with others on social media before you go and once you arrive strike up conversations with anyone you cross paths with. People are the best way to help you find the opportunity you are looking for. Meet as many people as you can!

5. Bring or Get a Car ASAP

You will most likely need a car to get anywhere in Los Angeles. I wouldn't have survived one week without mine. The public transportation is not great, especially compared to other big cities. You should plan on commuting by car and being stuck in traffic on a daily basis. If you plan to work in the entertainment industry, you will definitely need a car to drive to events, shoots, red carpets, production sets, and other industry related things. The city is spread out and fast paced! You will fall behind without having proper transportation to get you from one thing to the next. I had my car shipped from Chicago to LA for under $1,000.

6. Hire help!

The number one thing you should know before you move to LA is to HIRE HELP! This will hands down make the move much smoother for you, especially if you are traveling cross country like I did. I had so much stuff and would never have been able to do it with out help.

I highly recommend Best West Moving ! These Los Angeles Safe Movers provide services all across the country! They offer both housing and commercial moving help whether it is a big or small project. This includes residential moving, commercial moving, apartment moving, labor only, packing services, long distance, senior moving, delivery services, moving large items like hot tubs and more. No matter what service that you are looking for these professionals will exceed all of your expectations with high quality service.

7. Just DO IT!

There is no time like the present to make your dreams a reality. If I can do it at just 23 years can do it too!


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