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Best Things To Do In Lake Havasu

I’ve been traveling to Lake Havasu for three years now, every summer with my boyfriend's family. They are lucky enough to get two timeshares at the London Bridge Resort almost every summer...the busiest and hottest time of the year.

Lake Havasu is about a 5 hour drive from Los Angeles with no traffic, which makes the perfect weekend getaway from the city...if you are ready for some major heat waves.

This year, it was 118 degrees! I'm pretty sure that's the hottest heat I've ever been in. Good thing we spent most of the time in the boat and lake. If you are brave enough to head to Lake Havasu during the summer, be ready for extreme heat and cooling off in the water all day long.

Read on for my favorite things to do in Lake Havasu, AZ!

Where is Lake Havasu?

Lake Havasu, Arizona is the most visited lake in Arizona! Located in the west, this 45-mile long lake with over 450 miles of shoreline is a scenic oasis on the border of California and Arizona.

Where To Stay:

I've been to Lake Havasu four times in my life and have stayed at the London Bridge Resort 3 out of 4 times. The first time I rented an Airbnb with my friends which was cool, but we were very far from the water.

You can't beat the location of the London Bridge Resort. It is located on the Bridgewater Channel next to the London Bridge and walking distance to many restaurants. My boyfriend's family has been coming here for years and years...they refuse to stay anywhere else!

Inside the hotel, you'll find a fitness center, business center, activities for kids, bars and a yummy restaurant. If you head outside, you'll find a kid's pool with really fun water slide, adult pool where we play volleyball, and outdoor patio with tons of games like cornhole, pool, giant cup pong and more! If you have a boat, you can rent a slip right outside the hotel for an added price. It is so conveniently located in the heart of Havasu. The resort is the perfect choice for families to stay at.

Visiting the Infamous London Bridge

The London Bridge is the most famous landmark in Lake Havasu City. The bridge is actually the historic London Bridge from the song that we all know! It was built in 1831, but was slowly sinking in the River Thames and needed to be taken down. The bridge was shipped all the way to Arizona and reconstructed where you see it today in Lake Havasu. If you look closely at the bridge you can still see numbers on the stone blocks! They assembled the bridge piece by amazing. Today, the London Bridge is a major tourist attraction with food, shopping, hotels and more all surrounding it.

Go Boating:

Going boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, paddle boarding and jumping off rocks are my favorite things to do in the water at Lake Havasu. Make sure you visit Copper Canyon to jump off some tall rocks!

Hiking in Lake Havasu:

I have yet to hike in Lake Havasu yet, but some popular ones are SARA Crack Trail, Beachcomber Boulevard Loop and Cattail Cove Perimeter Loop.

Where To Eat:

Makai: Best place for breakfast. They also serve lunch starting at 7:30 am for those of you who aren't fans of breakfast food like me!

Local Grind: Grab some coffee and breakfast right near the London Bridge

Martini Bay: Located inside the London Bridge Resort you'll find the Martini Bay restaurant to meet all your fine dining needs. Highly recommend trying the expresso martini! I got a mouthwatering filet mignon for a decent price.

The Turtle Beach Bar: Great place to grab a quick bite and drink while you are boating. Love the atmosphere right on the water.

The Chair: Cute / casual American restaurant right by the London Bridge.

Javelina Cantina: If you are ready for some bomb Mexican food...look no further. The chips and salsa/queso, lobster tacos and margaritas are to die for!

Cha-Bones: Fine dining steak house


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