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Best Wineries To Visit In Sedona

When we typically visit Sedona we spend our time hiking, shopping in the town and hanging with family. My boyfriend's grandparents live in Sedona, AZ and this was my third time visiting them. His grandma and I love wine, so I said I would plan us a wine tour to do next time! We went during the fall time and it was perfect weather with beautiful colors.

Sedona has a strong presence in the wine industry with so many different tasting experiences. I did a lot of research before exploring the Sedona Wineries and which ones to visit.

We booked a wine tour on Viator that picked us up from our location and then took us to four different wineries to back home. It's called Bliss Wine Tours and you can also book it directly on the website. I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about it. So if you’re looking for the best Sedona wine tasting experiences, keep reading for I’ve created a fun guide for your next visit. They are all in a close proximity to each other.

Our four wineries we went to were Alcantara, Cove Mesa, D.A. Ranch and Javelina Leap. Depending on the tour guide sometimes you will visit Oak Creek instead of Javelina Leap. We spent about an hour at each winery, which was the perfect amount of time.


Alcantara is the perfect winery to visit for all seasons. The colors were absolutely gorgeous when we went in the fall. Alcantara Vineyards & Winery has over 20,000 vines and offers 17 different varietals and 87 acres.. There is a grass picnic area outside of the tasting room and a gift shop to explore. We took so many pictures on the tractor we found here too! They also have many weddings here, as they have a wedding chapel.

Cove Mesa

Even though the outside of Cove Mesa looks like a random strip market, it had the best tasting wine out of all the stops in my opinion. This winery has an inside tasting room and everyone was super friendly. They are family owned and we had a great time here. I bought a bottle to bring back to California with me!

D.A. Ranch

D.A. Ranch was the third stop on our list. This winery had the best atmosphere out of all four. There was live music, dogs, huge lush grounds, pool tables upstairs and farm animals out back. I wanted to spend more time here, because there was just so much to do while we sipped on wine.

Javelina Leap

Javelina Leap Winery was our last winery on our tour. The front building is the Tasting Room where you can order your tastings, glasses, or bottles, and take them to the outdoor patio which is covered and lined with misters and strings of lights. This one we got to go inside and have a barrel tour about how they make the wine. It was super interesting and the wine was tasty.


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