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How To Feel Your Best In Transitioning Seasons

Usually around this time of year, there are always a few days where it hits you. All of a sudden the morning is colder and a little darker. The sun sets earlier and the warm days are few and far between. I always get so sad when the day gets darker faster! Don’t get me wrong. I love that fall is such a beautiful season with the falling leaves but there is something that can be difficult to transition from the summer to fall that can feel a bit more intense. For now, there is some comfort about identifying even in transitioning from summer to fall. Below are a few ideas to help you feel your best as this transition takes place and help you refocus.

1. Reflecting In Writing: One way to figure out what the intentions are and what you want to create for yourself in this season is identifying any of the weird emotions, thoughts and feels on paper without any organization or editing needed on my part. I can re-read it and identify both what I’m looking forward to and ways I can be more proactive about what makes me worried or thinking about it.

2. New Seasonal Recipes: One of my favorite things about a new season is trying out new things in the kitchen. Each season I look up cookbook recipes or Pinterest favorites and see what I’d like to try. The process can get you excited about attempting to make and eat new foods and also allows you to become creative with combos or tweaks. Fall and winter is when you can cook the most because it can be super rewarding while you’re usually stuck inside more often. I also ask around with friends and family on new meals that their family has enjoyed too.

3 .Plan Social Activities: There is no better time in this season to cozy up with your favorite people but it can also be a challenge with fall schedules being booked with after school activities. Put up a calendar with your girlfriends to get a night out with them or think of a few fun season ones to look up. Corn Maze, pumpkin carving, or even who can rake the most leaves and take the best pictures jumping in them. If you have a patio, you can add everyone coming over to make s’mores and enjoy them around your fire together. Being around people you love is always a great way to boost your mood.

Image: PIcasso Scalp Micropigmentation

4. Work On Your Insecurities: One of the ways to feel your best is to work on what makes you insecure. Not everyone loves everything about themselves of course but if you can help one thing, that can help your confidence. For instance, if you start to stress more often than before and are losing hair, one way to help hair growth is not by taking pills but by trying a painless procedure. Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation is a business started by barber Jeff Villenas who will make you feel incredible. Check out California SMP near you to find a location so you can continue to take care of yourself.

5. Clear Stuff Out: Clear out your closet, your desk, old paper or anything you haven’t used in a year. Bring these items to Goodwill, to friends or neighbors. It’s energetic as much as it is physical. The start of a new season allows you to make room for new energy, new perspectives and new ideas in spaces that you often are in like your home office, closet or kitchen. Once you have a cleared space, fill it with new items if you want or repurpose other items you had in other rooms to see if it would work better.

6. Work In A Self Care Routine: Check and tweak your self care or make a new one. Hot salt baths or nice when it’s chilly out but add some fun seasonal things like a sauna visit or a detox boost to help you while you’re at it. Look into getting new natural skincare products, adding more rich face serums or body butters for not just your face but help your body as well feel nourished.

There are probably many more ways to make you feel your best as you transition into the cooler months. Do what makes you happy, write down goals, assert yourself into new activities and make time for yourself to recharge if you need it. Create a bucket list of things you want to accomplish and cross off as well as check in with friends and family who you may not have seen over the summer. A new season is a time for new perspective and growth, so take the time to appreciate it.


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