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It's Electric! Burst Your Way to Whiter Teeth with the BURST Sonic Toothbrush

I'm proud to say that I am officially an owner of my first Sonic toothbrush! A couple years ago, I finally invested in an electric toothbrush, but I never thought it was anything special or worked any better than my manual one. However, my dentist kept insisting that electric toothbrushes were the way to go, so I decided I needed to try another brand. After doing some research, I saw several celebrities and bloggers online doing the @burstoralcare #bursttoothbrushchallenge and I wanted to join in on the collab!

My new BURST Sonic Toothbrush arrived right before I left for my last weekend trip and of course, I had to bring it with me in the new travel case that came with it. Immediately, I noticed a drastic difference between BURST Sonic Toothbrush and my last one I was using. It is 10 times stronger in vibrations, provides more modes, and the bristles feel so nice, as they aren't too firm or soft on my teeth. The toothbrush actually feels comparable to what you get when you go to the's really that strong. My teeth feel just as clean as if I had just came back from a dentist appointment! Not only will your teeth look amazing, but my brush itself is stunning and another reason why I chose it. My Burst Sonic Toothbrush came in rose gold and the boxing is SO ADORABLE. If you aren't a rose gold fan, you can also choose black or white. I can't believe I found a brush that has style, function, and affordability!


Charcoal Bristles: charcoal is proven to absorb impurities for brighter, whiter teeth.

Lifetime Warranty: if your brush stops working, they'll send you another for free. No risk guarantee.

2 Minute Timer: your brush will automatically turn off after brushing for the dentist approved 2 minutes.

33,000 Sonic Vibrations: BURST gives you the deepest clean without damaging your gums. It feels like you just got back from the dentist!

Quad-interval technology: every 30-seconds your brush will make a small vibration to instruct you to move on to another part of your mouth.

3 Brushing Modes: whitening, sensitive and massage.

Powerful, Long-Lasting Battery: you will get up to four weeks of battery life with one hour's charging.

What is included in your box:

-Toothbrush head (fresh replacement heads are shipped every 90 days and you are billed $7)

-USB wall adapter

-USB charging base

-Travel case

BURST Electric Toothbrush Box
BURST Electric Toothbrush Box

If you’re looking to buy a sonic toothbrush or any electric toothbrush, then I highly recommend ordering your own BURST Sonic Toothbrush. I can’t wait to see the changes with my teeth in the next couple of months and hope I get an even whiter smile. Let me know in the comments. Do you use an electric toothbrush? Which one is your favorite?

This is not a sponsored post, but I was gifted the BURST Oral Care Toothbrush for my opinion.


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