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Photoshoot at the Palm Springs Windmills

Ahh, the iconic California windmills that I've been passing for years when traveling from LA to Palm Springs. I FINALLY had a chance to stop and take photos here, which was something I've been wanting to do since I first moved to California. The windmills in Palm Springs are beautiful to look at during your drive and gorgeous to take photos at. They are located about 15 minuets before you get into Palm Springs.

Sadly, the only times I've been to Palm Springs were for Coachella and driving up at night or after work in a rush. This left me no time to do a photoshoot during the drive.

This past weekend I took a trip to Palm Springs for both leisure and work with my boyfriend. I thought it would be the perfect time to stop and snap some photos at the windmills in Palm Springs.

I'll share with you all my tips on where to go to shoot at the iconic Palm Springs Windmills!

How To Get There

Take the exit at N. Indian Canyon Drive (if coming from L.A.), turn right onto Indian Canyon, and then right onto W. Garnet Ave.

To shoot with the white sand you’ll exit Indian Canyon Dr, then turn right onto Palm Springs Station Rd. Go to the Amtrak Station parking lot. There you'll see the white sand to take photos with and windmills in the background. I plan to shoot at the white sand location next in a different outfit :)

What Time to Shoot

All of my photos were take around 1 pm. It was very bright and hot. I would recommend shooting at sunrise or sunset if you had the chance. That's when the lighting will be the best. We shot in the afternoon because we hit some traffic and that's the time that fit best with our schedule!


Bring several different outfits if you have time. Go to different locations around the windmills to get close up shots and far away ones. I recommend shooting on the white sand, street, and up close.


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