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Sugar Candy: Fuller Bust Wireless Bra Review

As a fuller busted lady, I always on the hunt for bralettes that work well for my body type. If you have a similar body to me, you know how hard it is to find a good fitting wireless bralette or even a bra in general! Which is one of the reasons I started my blog, to help other woman who have the same issues I did.

I am so excited to share a new fuller bust bra brand that I just found this year called Sugar Candy. They specialize in seamless bralettes with a “UpLift Tech’ (more on this later), making them stand out from any other fuller bust brand. This brand exceeded all my expectations, and I can’t believe I hadn’t found it sooner.

What is Sugar Candy?

Sugar Candy are an offshoot of the popular maternity brand Cake Maternity. They've reinvented the everyday bra for us larger chested ladies who were tired of bras with uncomfortable wires.


They offer seam free, wire free bras designed for FF-H cups. For reference, I am size 34G US and I am wearing size medium for the below bras that I am reviewing.

Initial Impression

This wireless bralette is the only bra I’ve ever tried that actually feels like it’s wired, but it’s not! Immediately, I could feel all the support of an underwire, but no actual wire, something I’ve never experienced before. It is so soft and comfortable with “slings” that actually acts like an underwire to give you that lift and shape. I was shocked! I’ve never felt a bra with this type of material that Sugar Candy bras have. The texture is not only smooth, but you can tell how high quality the fabric is. Well-made design plus high-quality fabric, what could be better?

The Design

Their bras are made with thick nylon and elastane, using a super strong (but ultra soft) NILIT™ 6.6 yarn called Softex. The different textures help to offer maximum support.

Here’s where Sugar Candy is so unique compared to other bra brands. Their bras are made with U-Sling Technology and Knitted Support Panels.

Sugar Candy has patented U-Slings that are heavy duty powermesh to mimic the shape of an underwire without any of the discomfort. Pretty cool, right? Before, I even knew about this patent, I could literally feel the “underwire mimicking” as soon as I put the bra on. That’s when you know the design is incredible! There are two layers of fabric in the side slings and under the bust sling above the band. That additional fabric between your breasts keep them separated and lifted. The molded cup design with the slings are extremely efficient to keep a larger chest secure.

The Softex material makes up the knitted support panels and is incredibly durable. The lower band is very thick and durable, and it doesn’t fold over. The panels and underband are ribbed to give lift and separation. Lastly, the bras have 6 rows of hooks! This is very necessary if you have a larger chest to keep you supported all day long.

This is definitely one of the most supportive bralettes I’ve ever worn. Knowing that the bras are specifically designed for a larger chest, you can see why the sling design is so important.

(courtesy from Sugar Candy website)

The first bra I tried was the Basic Bra in pink of course!

It’s the bra that started it all. This is the everyday seamless bra for big boobs.

The second bra is the Lux bra in black. I'm in love with the floral lace that makes the bra so girly and feminine…which I’m a big fan of!

Next, I am dying to try the Posh bra! It’s been sold out in my size for weeks.

Sugar Candy bras are my new edition to my wardrobe as an every day bra or when I’m lounging around the house.

Go check them out for yourself if you are looking for an incredible bra for larger chest, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Sugar Candy!

[These bras were sent to me by Sugar Candy for review purpose. I was compensated for my work, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.]


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