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The Top Things To Do in Big Bear Lake California

Big Bear Lake is the best and closest mountain escape from the hustle and bustle of LA. There are so many activities for you to explore and enjoy in nature.

I am in love with the sun and beaches in Los Angeles, but sometimes this Chicago raised girl misses her cold weather. Only 2-3 hours away, Big Bear Lake is the PERFECT destination to get away and experience some snow for a weekend.

Read on to see all my favorite things to do, see and eat in the mountains at Big Bear Lake.

Skiing / Snowboarding at the Mountain

There are two main mountains in Big Bear. I've been snowboarding at both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. I've had a blast at both mountains, but I would say that Snow Summit is my favorite of the two. Snow Summit has more courses and better views overlooking the lake. If you are just starting out, Snow Summit would be a better choice for you to pick.

Big Bear Village Shops

The Big Bear Village Shops are located in the heart of the city in the cutest little area that resembles a downtown vibe. Here you'll find plenty of local shops, places to eat, and things to see.

My favorite boutiques to shop at are Del Lagos Boutique (very affordable/chic clothes) and O KOO RAN (more pricey).

This hat from Del Lagos Boutique :)

Grab some coffee at Copper Q's. They have so many unique drink flavors, delicious pastries and decorations to browse while you are waiting for your order.

If you are looking for a fun spot to go to at night, head to Whiskey Dave's. Whiskey Dave's has live music every single weekend. The band we saw when we went was absolutely amazing. They also have pool tables, foosball tables, and decent bar food if you are hungry!

Big Bear Lake Brewing Company is another spot with a cool atmosphere to grab a drink. I got a tasty chocolate martini...they don't just serve beer there!

Big Bear Lake

I have only ever visited Big Bear Lake during the winter, so I haven't actually been out on the lake. During the winter season, you can still walk around the lake front and take in the beautiful views. Located in the San Bernardino National Forest, it is a man-made lake for water sports and exploring.

During the summer, the lake is packed with so many fun activities for you to do. The options include canoeing, kayaking, swimming, jet skiing, boating, fishing and more.

Magic Mountain

The Alpine Slide at Magic Mountian is like a bobsled and is so fun. You can control how fast or slow you go. It is great for all ages! There is also a rollercoaster and snow tubing that you can purchase tickets for at Magic Mountain.


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