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Social media is a very powerful tool for telling your brand’s story, attracting your ideal clients, and sending qualified leads to your website. With the right content, strategy, and management, your social media presence can significantly boost your business and build relationships. That’s where I come in! I focus on increasing your organic growth by posting high quality content that your specific audience wants to see, building your personal brand, and mixing in the occasional advertisement into your authentic/personable content. Below I have outlined the services for Social Media and Marketing Management.

Designed for the local client that is looking to increase their brand awareness, online reputation, and location exposure through social media marketing. From the setup phase forward they want great design, optimized accounts, and a rock solid marketing campaign that is goal oriented.


• Social media strategy and account set up

• Posting on social media accounts weekly - you choose the accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

• Content creation and curation

• Idea generation and brainstorming for new ways to boost engagement/reach

• Increase followers/engagement and track with analytics

• Oversee and manage comments, engagement, page messages, and visual strategy

• Blog/website management

• Copywriting

• Campaign & contest management

• Analytics report

• Email marketing with newsletter

Don’t see something that fits what you are looking for? Just tell me what you want and we can build a custom package with a custom quote to meet your needs!!

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