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4 Easy Ways to Network in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is really all about who you know…it’s true. I’ve climbed my way up in the industry through networking, researching, and working hard to achieve what I wanted. Networking is a vital component in just about ever field, so it’s important to know the best tips in order to advance in your career.

You should be networking from the moment you enter college and especially before you move to LA, if that is your goal. I learned to network in Los Angeles before I even lived in the city.


Let's dive into my four easy ways to network in Los Angeles before and after you move.


I frequently use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in different ways for networking purposes. On Facebook, I’m in several groups for networking and blogging. Just search for keywords in the search bar for what kind of group you are looking to join. For example, if your passion is to get into acting then you should search “Los Angeles Actors” and you will find many open groups to join. I found a few background acting jobs this way myself!

Using Instagram will be a little more personal. On this platform, I reach out to people with a direct message and receive direct messages. This is why using hashtags and geo tags is so important for you to find others alike and in your location. I’ve found all my photographers I work with just by them finding me on my Instagram account. I’ve noticed that Instagram is also a great place to find new friends in your area!

LinkedIn is better for finding specific contacts at a company that you desire to work at. You can find contacts and join groups to help you put you in the right directing in getting your next job. I got myself a phone interview this way for one of my dream companies. I suggest reaching out to multiple contacts for the company with a message on behalf of a job opening you found. I normally reach out to Human Resources and a few other contacts that would work specifically in my department.

Please find my sample message I use below:

Hi (insert name),

I hope all is well. I saw the job listing for the (job position title) at (company) and I applied online. As someone who’s passionate about music and marketing, I wanted to personally follow up with the team because it would be a dream to work at (company) amongst cohorts whose passions resonate with my own. My background in marketing, social media, and public relations aligns perfectly with this role. I am an ambitious self-starter whose great with time management. I am confident my previous experience paired with my work ethic and passion would be a great asset to the company! Do you or one of your colleagues have time to talk about this position?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




I get invited and pitch myself to events around the SoCal area very frequently. This is a great way to find others that have similar interests as you. To find these events I read blogs, search on my apps such as Shapr or Sukrus.


When I am out and about around the city, I make sure to be aware of my surroundings. You can find someone on the street or while you are getting your morning coffee that could be the connection to your dream job. You should always talk to everyone. Even when I am at a social gathering or party at night, I typically leave by meeting at least one connection or contact that could help me in the future or that is a good person to keep in touch with. It’s crazy how you will find so many people in Los Angeles with the same goals and desires as you do. Meeting in person is one of my favorite ways to network because it is easy and natural. A lot of the time I don’t even realize I am networking since I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.


Working in PR, I have a lot of time that I also spend outside of the office at work events. These are PERFECT opportunities to get to know your clients more and meet other people in your industry. Many times, I speak to people just via email, so it is always nice when you get to meet them face to face and establish that contact on a deeper level.

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