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7 Tips You Need To Know Before Moving To Los Angeles

So are you are ready to make the big move to Los Angeles, but don't know how to do it? You've came to the right place.

And just know you aren't the only one with the big dreams to live in LA. It's a city full of life with so many things to do all year round, unique creative people to meet, and so many job opportunities especially for those looking to work in the entertainment industry. There is definitely a reason we have a serious traffic problem....

If you've decided to move here, congratulations! I hope you LOVE it as much as I do.

Moving to a new city can be scary and expensive. I want to help make your transition to LA as smooth as it can be. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Check out my top 7 tips you need to know before moving to Los Angeles.

1. Make a Plan

Start by setting realistic goals that you will accomplish prior to your move. Next, write down the exact steps you will take to make these goals happen. Stick to your plan and timeline, so you can make your move happen. There is never the "right time" to make this happen. If you have your plan set then do it!

2. Save Money

LA is not cheap! Please save some money before moving out here. Guess what...I moved here with only $5,000 saved and I had to work two jobs to get that money before moving. I already had a job when I moved here, so if you don't...I recommend saving more. Be prepared to pay a lot for rent even if you have a roommate.

3. Book an Airbnb Before Signing a Lease

I recommend getting an Airbnb for a few weeks before signing a lease. This gives you time to explore the different neighborhoods, see the apartment in person, and meet with potential roommates. When I first moved to LA, I lived in an Airbnb for about two weeks while I was looking for my apartment.

4. Get To Know the Neighborhoods

LA is huge, so take time to get to know the different neighborhoods and find out where you would fit in best. There are SO many neighborhoods and each one has their own vibe/personality. I stay in Santa Monica, because I love the west side vibe, being close to the beach, and close to work (Beverly Hills).

5. Get a Job and Network

First, I always recommend getting a job before moving. If this isn't possible, then line up side work and gigs before you arrive. There are so many random gigs in LA that you can pursue. Check Facebook groups, entertainment sites and Craigslist for these opportunities. Start networking with others on social media before you go and once you arrive strike up conversations with anyone you cross paths with. People are the best way to help you find the opportunity you are looking for. Meet as many people as you can!

6. Bring or Get a Car ASAP

Yes, most likely you will need a car. I wouldn't have survived one week without mine. The public transportation is really bad compared to other big cities. You should plan on commuting by car and being stuck in traffic on a daily basis. If you plan to work in the entertainment industry, you will definitely need a car to drive to events, shoots, red carpets, production sets, and other industry related things. The city is spread out and fast paced! You will fall behind without having proper transportation to get you from one thing to the next. I had my car shipped from Chicago to LA for under $1,000.

Bonus Tip: LIVE CLOSE TO WHERE YOU WORK! I made the mistake of just going on maps and putting my work address and new apartment. It was 8 miles and I thought that was close. In LA it's not and I had an hour commute in traffic every single day. I never made the mistake again to live that far lol. If you are unsure if your new place is far from your job just send me a message and I'll let you know!

7. Just DO IT!

There is no time like the present to make your dreams a reality. If I can do it at just 23 years can do it too!


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